Instructional Design


 “Organizations learn only through individuals who learn.”
– Peter Senge

Change is the only constant in business today. Companies that learn to adapt to change and ultimately take advantage of it will survive; those who don’t will be devoured. No longer do big companies eat the small, the fast now eat the slow.

E-learning is a fast and effective way to deliver training outside of a classroom, and can save 30 to 60 percent in costs (according to research by Brandon Hall). Travel costs, scheduling difficulties, and opportunity costs of employees’ time make it increasingly difficult for traditional classroom training to meet the needs of many large corporations. As a result, many companies are turning to electronic solutions.

Our products and services promote and support learning. By providing technology-based training solutions, we help our clients increase productivity while decreasing costs. We incorporate interactivity that engages the student, stimulates thinking, and produces an effective learning experience. Our products include:

  • Web Based Training Content
  • Computer Based Training Content
  • Online/HTML Help Systems
  • Printed & Electronic Training Guides
  • Printed & Electronic Courseware

Cogent, LLC has been providing communication and technology solutions since 2005. Cogent evolved out of a prior company, Innovative Media Resources, Inc. which was founded in 1996. The principal owners of both companies have been in the communication and information services industry since 1994.