Fisher Controls FieldVue CD

Cogent designed and developed the FISHER FieldVue CD as a field utility application and marketing device for both FISHER sales representatives and end-users. The FieldVue CD provided a tool to guide users through the wide range of pneumatic control valve applications in the FISHER FieldVue family of instruments. This tool provided an interface to collect user requirements that were then queried against a product database to deliver a list of compatible products.

Business Analysis

  • Conducted Needs Assessment with FISHER SMEs
  • Defined Business Requirements for the FieldVue Tool
  • Defined Data Requirements for the FieldVue Tool
  • Built FieldVuew Application Process Flow

Technical Writing

  • User Guide for for FISHER FieldVue Application

Graphic Design

  • Graphical User Interface Design
  • Customized Main Navigation Menu
  • Jewel Case and CD Design/Graphics

Application Development

  • Front-End User Interface Development
  • Back-End Database Development
  • Web-Based Update Routine

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