Fisher Controls Product Documentation Conversion

To adhere to European standards, all FISHER Control product documentation (for items shipped to and sold in Europe) had to be translated into 12 European languages. Cogent first recreated all required product documents in a format that conformed to European distribution standards. Secondly, Cogent engaged a translation service and enlisted foreign language reviewers to manage and maintain each version of the product documents created.

In total, over 650 documents were created and maintained through this process, which included four technical writers, one graphic designer, and eleven foreign language subject matter experts.

The FISHER Product Documentation Conversion project included:

Technical Writing

  • Re-write of 55 Product Specifications for European Distribution
  • Proofreading & Editing of each Product Specification

Graphic Design

  • Product Specification Page Design, and Layout
  • Product Image Design & Layout
  • Product Schematics Design & Layout

Project Management

  • Managed conversion of documents to European Standard
  • Managed translation of documents to 12 European languages

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