Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed CBT

Pioneer Hi-Bred had a need to better train members of their work force on products being developed by the Research division of the company. Cogent took on this project and helped capture the insight, knowledge, and experience of Pioneer’s long time employees and scientists, as well as present the fundamental concepts behind hybrid corn production. The end product is used by their production plant work force.

The Pioneer Seed CBT project included:

Business Analysis

  • Conducted Needs Assessment with Pioneer SMEs
  • Defined Business Requirements Training Modules
  • Defined Data Requirements for Testing Modules

Instructional Design

  • Created Seed CBT Courseware and Content
  • Defined Seed CBT Testing Process and Modules

Graphic Design

  • Graphical User Interface Design
  • Customized Main Navigation Menu
  • Jewel Case and CD Design/Graphics

Application Development

  • Application Development
  • Virtual Tour CD Installation Routine

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